BIRD config for AS200536
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186526 Network


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  • AS200536, aka Sunoaki Network
  • Experimental global network
  • Operated by 186526 (Bo Xu) @real186526, sponsored by Sunoaki Network LLC.


186526 Network have an open peer policy. You can peer with us through our listed IX in PeeringDB or through IP tunneling under IPv4.

For your convenience, here are more info about peering.

  • ASN: 200536
  • Suggested IPv6 Prefix limit: 100


186526 network can provide free transit in some places. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask us.


To get in touch with me, please send mail to the following mailboxes.

  • Abuse:
  • NOC:

BGP Communities

Well known BGP Communities

Community Description Action
(65535, 65281) No Export Prefix should not be exported outside of 186526 Network (AS200536)
(65535, 65282) No Advertise Prefix should not be exported outside of this PoP
(65535, 65283) Local AS Prefix should not be exported outside of this region
(65535, 666) Blackhole Prefix should be blackholed at our PoP

Specific BGP Communities

186526 Network implements large BGP communities.

System-controllable Community

Community Description
(200536, 110, 0) Route learn from peer
(200536, 110, 1) Route learn from IX
(200536, 110, 2) Route learn from direct peer
(200536, 110, 10) Route learn from upstream
(200536, 110, 20) Route learn from downstream
(200536, 110, 30) Route from 186526 Network
(200536, 120, this PoP) Route learn on this PoP
(200536, 121, this region) Route learn in this region
(200536, 122, this region) Route is passed through this region in 186526 Network

User-controllable Community

Community Action
(200536, 0, 665) Prefix should only be announced, not written to our routing table
(200536, 0, 666) Prefix should be blackholed at our PoP
(200536, 1, 0) Prefix should not be exported to all upstream
(200536, 1, 1) Prefix should not be exported to all peers
(200536, 1, 2) Prefix should not be exported to all downstream
(200536, 2, ASN) Prefix should not be exported to all ASN BGP sessions
(200536, 3, this region) Prefix should not be exported outside 186526 Network in this region
(200536, 115, 1) Route should be prepend 1x outside 186526 Network
(200536, 115, 3) Route should be prepend 3x outside 186526 Network
(200536, 115, 5) Route should be prepend 5x outside 186526 Network
(200536, 125, this PoP) Route should not be exported on this PoP to other PoPs in 186526 Network
(200536, 126, this region) Route should not be exported in this region to other regions in 186526 Network

Region & PoP


Name Code
Europe 100
East Coast of North America 200
Central North America 210
West Coast of North America 220
Central America 230
Eastern South America 240
West South America 250
North Africa 300
Southern Africa 310
East Asia (without China mainland) 400
Southeast Asia 410
South Asia 420
China mainland 430
Oceania 500
Middle East 600


Name Location Code Type Operational
de-fra1 Frankfurt am Main, DE 101 Core
de-fra2 Frankfurt am Main, DE 101 Core
uk-lhr1 London, GB 102 Edge
nl-ams1 Amsterdam, NL 103 Core
lu-lux1 Roost, LU 104 Core
de-hoq1 Dusseldorf, DE 105 Edge
us-iad1 Ashburn, VA, US 201 Core
us-sjc1 Fremont, CA, US 221 Core
us-lax1 Los Angeles, CA, US 222 Edge
us-sea1 Seattle, CA, US 223 Core
br-sao1 Sao Paulo, BR 241 Edge
cn-hkg1 Hong Kong SAR 401 Core
cn-hkg2 Hong Kong SAR 401 Edge
cn-tpe1 Taipei, CN 402 Edge
jp-tyo1 Tokyo, JP 403 Edge
kr-yny1 Chuncheon, KR 404 Edge
jp-osa1 Osaka, JP 405 Edge
sg-sin1 Singapore 411 Core
cn-pek1 Beijing, CN 431 Core
cn-pek2 Beijing, CN 431 Edge
cn-ctu1 City near Chengdu, China 432 Edge
cn-can1 Guangzhou, CN 433 Core
cn-wuh1 Wuhan, CN 434 Core
cn-wuh2 Wuhan, CN 434 Edge
cn-csx1 Changsha, CN 435 Edge
cn-csx2 Changsha, CN 435 Edge
cn-she1 Shenyang, CN 436 Edge
cn-cgo1 Zhengzhou, CN 437 Edge
cn-tao1 Qingdao, CN 438 Edge
au-syd1 Sydney, AU 501 Core