This project aims to automatically maintain our AS-SET objects.
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This project aims to automatically maintain our AS-SET objects.

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Details for AS-SET


RIPE::AS-NET186 AS200536:AS-DOWNSTREAMS is the AS-SET containing all downstreams of the 186526 Network (AS200536).

ARIN::AS-NET186 APNIC::AS-NET186 is now redirected to AS200536:AS-DOWNSTREAMS.


  • AS200536:AS-DOWNSTREAMS-EMEA: 186526 Network downstream for EMEA region.
  • AS200536:AS-DOWNSTREAMS-APAC: 186526 Network downstream for APAC region.
  • AS200536:AS-DOWNSTREAMS-AMER: 186526 Network downstream for the Americas.


AS-SET containing all AS's used by the 186526 Network.

Pull request

Anyone using our (AS200536) Transit can create a pull request to add your AS-SET. We also welcome pull requests for maintenance of the project.