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AS200536 BGP Communites

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Well-known BGP Communities

Community Description Action
65535:65281 No Export Do not announce this route globalwide
65535:65282 No Advertise Do not announce this route on this PoP
65535:65283 Local AS Do not announce this route on this region
65535:666 Blackhole Blackhole the route globalwide

Specific BGP Communities

AS200536 implements large BGP communities.

Internal Communities

Community Description
200536:110:0 Learned from Peer
200536:110:1 Learned from IX
200536:110:2 Learned from Direct Peer
200536:110:10 Learned from Upstream
200536:110:20 Learned from Downstream
200536:110:30 Originated in AS200536
200536:120:nnn Learned in $0 ($0 from PoP List)
200536:121:nnn Learned in $0 ($0 from Region List)
200536:122:nnn Routed via $0 ($0 from Region List)

Control Communities

Community Action
200536:0:665 Announcing only without routing
200536:0:666 Blackhole the route globalwide
200536:1:0 Do not announce this route to Upstream
200536:1:1 Do not announce this route to Peer
200536:1:2 Do not announce this route to Downstream
200536:2:nnn Do not announce this route to AS$0
200536:3:nnn Do not announce this route in $0 ($0 from Region List)
200536:115:1 Prepend 1x this route globalwide except for AS200536
200536:115:3 Prepend 3x this route globalwide except for AS200536
200536:115:5 Prepend 5x this route globalwide except for AS200536
200536:125:nnn Do not route this route via $0 ($0 from PoP List)
200536:126:nnn Do not route this route via $0 ($0 from Region List)

Region & PoP


Name Code
Europe 100
East Coast of North America 200
Central North America 210
West Coast of North America 220
Central America 230
Eastern South America 240
West South America 250
North Africa 300
Southern Africa 310
East Asia (without China mainland) 400
Southeast Asia 410
South Asia 420
China mainland 430
Oceania 500
Middle East 600


Name Location Code Type Operational IPv6 Address for Test
EMEA Frankfurt am Main, DE 101 Core 2a06:a005:28f1::1 Amsterdam, NL 103 Core 2a06:a005:28f3::1 Amsterdam, NL 103 Core 2a06:a005:28f3::2 Roost, LU 104 Core 2a06:a005:28f4::1 Dubai, AE 601 Edge 2a0a:6040:a901::1
America Ashburn, VA, US 201 Core 2a06:a005:2921::1 Fremont, CA, US 221 Core 2a06:a005:2922::1 San Jose, CA, US 221 Edge 2a06:a005:2922::2 Los Angeles, CA, US 222 Edge 2a06:a005:2923::1 Seattle, WA, US 223 Core 2a06:a005:2924::1 New York, NY, US 202 Core 2a06:a005:2925::1 North Kansas City, MO, US 211 Core 2a06:a005:2926::1 Sao Paulo, BR 241 Edge 2a06:a005:2960::1
APAC Hong Kong SAR 401 Core 2a06:a005:1700::1 Hong Kong SAR 401 Edge 2a06:a005:1708::1 Taipei, CN 402 Edge 2a06:a005:2950::1 Tokyo, JP 403 Edge 2a06:a005:2940::1 Chuncheon, KR 404 Edge 2a06:a005:29d1::1 Singapore 411 Core 2a06:a005:2930::1 Singapore 411 Edge 2a06:a005:2930::2 Sydney, AU 501 Core 2a06:a005:f80::1
China Mainland Beijing, CN 431 Core 2a06:a005:2910::1 Shijiazhuang, CN 431 Edge 2a06:a005:2910:1::1 Chengdu, CN 432 Edge 2a06:a005:2911::1 Guangzhou, CN 433 Core 2a06:a005:2912::1 Wuhan, CN 434 Core 2a06:a005:2913::1 Changsha, CN 435 Edge 2a06:a005:2914::1 Qingdao, CN 438 Edge 2a06:a005:2915::1 Zhengzhou, CN 437 Edge 2a06:a005:2916::1 Wuhan, CN 434 Edge 2a06:a005:2917::1 Changsha, CN 435 Core 2a06:a005:2918::1