High Performance Web Platform Based on Nginx and LuaJIT
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Johnny Wang 546175e3c5
ci: upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1p. (#844)
5 days ago
build-win32.sh ci: upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1p. (#844) 5 days ago
configure change: ./configure: we no longer need to pass in -msse4.2 with the latest LuaJIT. 2 years ago
dist-check upgraded resty-cli to 0.27rc4. 2 years ago
fix-tests renamed ngx_openresty to openresty. 7 years ago
get-tarball util/mirror-tarballs: ensure we use https and enable certificate check. thanks Ivan Babrou for the reminder in #144. 7 years ago
import-model.pl various fixes of the blog demo. 12 years ago
install util/install: rm the target file before overwriting to prevent running process from crashing. 8 years ago
mirror-tarballs bumped version to (#832) 2 months ago
package-nginx.sh upgraded the nginx core to 1.15.6. 4 years ago
package-win32.sh feature: added 64-bit windows building/packaging support using the MSYS2/MinGW toolchain. 4 years ago
upgrade-patches.pl initial work for migrating to the release; applied the variable-header-ignore-no-hash patch. 11 years ago
ver bumped version to (#832) 2 months ago
ver-ge added patches for nginx 1.3.4. 10 years ago