1660 Commits (master)

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Josh Soref e7e21f9b40
Refresh check-spelling workflow (#865) 5 days ago
lijunlong 21c58ae1f5
bumped version to (#863) 2 weeks ago
fesily 0d3f8f0a0b
bugfix:tarballs add privileged agent threadpool (#848) 2 months ago
fesily d0a77980eb
patches: add privileged agent thread pool (#847) 3 months ago
罗泽轩 47eb6f3962
style: add a way to check PR title automatically (#846) 3 months ago
Johnny Wang 546175e3c5
ci: upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1p. (#844) 3 months ago
lijunlong ae42a6bd86
upgrade nginx core to 1.23.0. (#839) 3 months ago
Johnny Wang 37fe0d4314
bumped version to (#832) 5 months ago
Johnny Wang e699097b04
bumped version to (#828) 6 months ago
lijunlong 74d747d9b4
tests: 002-reuseport-close-unused-fds.t: the order of the logs generated by multiple processes is uncertain. (#827) 6 months ago
Johnny Wang 733ab1d043
win32/win64: upgrade zlib to 1.2.12. (#823) 6 months ago
Johnny Wang 4082fb0d1d
upgraded luajit to 2.1-20220411. (#826) 6 months ago
Johnny Wang fb254e1ff6
win32/win64: upgraded openssl to 1.1.1n. (#820) 6 months ago
jiahao 202d218840 bumped version to 7 months ago
jiahao 1b145ac3ca upgraded luajit to 2.1-20220310. 7 months ago
jiahao 5c9d9661c7 upgraded ngx_lua to 0.10.21rc2. 7 months ago
Artiom Vaskov 231eebec0b
tests: actually run testing on s390x. (#812) 8 months ago
lijunlong fa95e176fb
travis: added spelling check workflow. (#811) 8 months ago
Yichun Zhang (agentzh) f6b6f10fc0 win32/win64: upgraded openssl to 1.1.1m. 8 months ago
Johnny Wang e44c540725
tests: fixed tests to reflect LuaJIT version bumps. (#810) 8 months ago
Johnny Wang d84bf6756d
upgraded luajit to 2.1-20220111. (#806) 9 months ago
Johnny Wang a7142a8934
bugfix: fixed typo in no-pool patch of 1.21.4. (#799) 9 months ago
Johnny Wang f3a85d860f
upgraded ngx_lua to 0.10.21rc1, ngx_stream_lua to 0.0.11rc1, lua-resty-core to 0.1.23rc1, ... (#795) 10 months ago
RocFang 0c2d10af40
bugfix: echoed the wrong message when applying ssl_client_hello_cb_yield.patch (#789) 10 months ago
Johnny Wang 7e1cf985cf
bugfix: check if the worker_connections is 0 before privileged agent spawning. (#786) 11 months ago
Johnny Wang 4a092bb740
travis-ci: updated ftp.pcre.org to sourceforge mirror to download pcre. (#784) 11 months ago
jiahao 6568f3f2f1 travis-ci: fixed warnings on .travis.yml. 11 months ago
jiahao 9781850623 travis-ci: remove unnecessary ones from the test matrix. 11 months ago
lijunlong 7df6239881 upgrade the nginx core to 1.21.4. 11 months ago
jiahao 72ca953bf2 mirror-tarballs: fixed the directory deletion errors. 11 months ago
Johnny Wang 5c7ad29352
upgrade the nginx core to 1.21.3. (#779) 11 months ago
Johnny Wang c2bf0b421c
travis-ci: upgrade dist of travis-ci to ubuntu bionic. (#778) 12 months ago
Zhefeng Chen 9fa420424a patches: added the nginx-1.19.9-ssl_client_hello_cb_yield patch. 1 year ago
Krishna Harsha Voora c7a3cfe57f travis-ci: enable ci test for ppc64le. 1 year ago
Johnny Wang ab5a632278
win32: upgraded openssl to 1.1.1l. (#773) 1 year ago
Johnny Wang 1befa30baa
upgraded ngx_http_redis module to 0.3.9. (#754) 1 year ago
Yichun Zhang (agentzh) df4d005211 Merge branch 'v1.19.9.x' 1 year ago
Yichun Zhang (agentzh) 04ef2ec590 bumped version to 1 year ago
John Bampton f39a584775 chore: fix spelling 1 year ago
wangyao c93ef77262
change: introduce a new patch for privileged agent process connections. (#751) 1 year ago
Yao Wang 174f72b95c feature: add config ability for privileged connections number. 1 year ago
jiahao ee23eb4a51 upgraded lua-resty-signal to 0.03. 1 year ago
jiahao 6aeb03501f upgraded lua-resty-core to 0.1.22. 1 year ago
jiahao 805df3d657 upgraded lua-resty-lrucache to 0.11. 1 year ago
jiahao 077b4dcef8 upgraded lua-resty-string to 0.14. 1 year ago
jiahao 4933c6f612 upgraded lua-resty-mysql to 0.24. 1 year ago
jiahao ca141a4b66 upgraded lua-resty-memcached to 0.16. 1 year ago
jiahao 13700cacb6 upgraded lua-resty-dns to 0.22. 1 year ago
jiahao 9d1eb80e1e upgraded opm to 0.0.6. 1 year ago
jiahao 826e7286e0 upgraded resty-cli to 0.28. 1 year ago