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<title>It's me, 186526!</title>
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<meta name="description" content="It's me, 186526! | 186526 的自留地" />
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<meta property="og:title" content="It's me, 186526! |" />
<meta name="og:description" content="It's me, 186526! | 186526 的自留地" />
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<p>PID @ 78361641</p>
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<a href="" title=" - It's me, 186526!">It's me, 186526!</a>
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LSP, Verified by
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<p>Less code, more bug.</p>
<p>Arknights Player</p>
<p>btw, I use arch</p>
<p><code>console.log('Arch is the best!');</code></p>
<p>24岁, 是学生</p>
<p>DN42 贴(pi)贴(er)请求中...</p>
<p>Linux user ✗ KVM user ✓</p>
<p>wowaka, 晚安.</p>
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function getBroswer() {
var sys = {};
var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var s;
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? ( = s[1])
: (s = ua.match(/msie ([\d.]+)/))
? ( = s[1])
: (s = ua.match(/firefox\/([\d.]+)/))
? (sys.firefox = s[1])
: (s = ua.match(/chrome\/([\d.]+)/))
? ( = s[1])
: (s = ua.match(/opera.([\d.]+)/))
? (sys.opera = s[1])
: (s = ua.match(/version\/([\d.]+).*safari/))
? (sys.safari = s[1])
: 0;
if (sys.edge) return { broswer: "Edge", version: sys.edge };
if ( return { broswer: "IE", version: };
if (sys.firefox)
return { broswer: "Firefox", version: sys.firefox };
if ( return { broswer: "Chrome", version: };
if (sys.opera) return { broswer: "Opera", version: sys.opera };
if (sys.safari) return { broswer: "Safari", version: sys.safari };
return { broswer: "", version: "0" };
var broswerUA = getBroswer();
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